Paid Street Parking Permits Coming To Costa Mesa

Aug 1st 2022: The Costa Mesa City Council has approved changing the cities municipal code concerning its residential parking permit program in a 6 to 1 vote. What the change means is in neighborhoods which require parking permits to park on the street there will now be a charge for the permits which formally were free.

The permits are designed to solve clogged parking on the street in several areas of the city. The reasons why street parking in some areas is an issue is because of varies reasons including apartments without enough parking as well as people using their garages for storage instead of putting their cars.

Are All Residential Streets Going To Require A Parking Permit?

For the new parking program to start in a neighborhood there has to be a parking issue; Also 51 percent of all affected tenants of homeowners must sign a petition before the city will approve the zone.

How Much Will The Permits Cost?

If you want to park your car on the street the first permit will now cost $25 the second wiill cost $50 with the fourth permit up to $100. If you qualify as low income you will get discount parking permits at $5 for the first permit, $10 for a second permit, $25 for a third permit and $40 for a fourth permit.

Can You Get Guest Passes?

Yes you will be able to get up to 100 guest passes per household and, they will work with you in special circumstances if you need more.

What Happens If You Park Without A Permit?

If you park without a permit in these areas you could get a $114 parking fine per day. The area will be enforced by parking control with special license plate reader cameras.

Opinion Of Costa Mesa Insider

The parking permit program fees are described as just to cover the programs cost. If the city gets a lot of $114 parking fines then the program could be a profit center for the city. If the city uses this money only to improve parking or streets in the permit areas where its collected then this could be a valid use. If money gets mixed in with regular parking money or the general fund monies then the fines might not be great.

We are all for improving parking in Costa Mesa but this looks like a stealth tax on the residents or visitors to Costa Mesa. The $114 parking ticket is excessive, money gained by parking tickets should be used to cover the costs of enforcement and running the program it should be revenue neutral; The problem with most cities is they see parking tickets as a huge pot of free money not as a parking control option.

2 thoughts on “Paid Street Parking Permits Coming To Costa Mesa

  1. This won’t help at all in my neighborhood, as everyone will magically be low income. And hundreds of guest passes will negate the entire thing anyway. I also think folks might start to feel entitled to a spot on the street, they are paying for it after all. Whether this will cause conflict I couldn’t say. Folks are pretty chill in my hood, but if you get home after 4 PM there’s no parking. And none on weekends. There’s a lot of lawn parking and driveway blocking happening. In SoCal you need to plan for 1 spot for every resident over 16 years old, 2 per household is a farce.

  2. I can’t edit, but I’ll throw in that if discouraging street parking is the goal, then the rates are not only too low, but WAY too low. For instance, I’d pay $1 a day, but I’d start reconsidering owning that car at $2+ a day. And $1 a day seems a completely reasonable amount to pay to park. But even 50 cents a day would have more impact than $25 (a year?).

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