Shopping: Ganahl Lumber Costa Mesa

Ganahl Lumber Front, Costa Mesa

I was in the area of Bristol and Redhill so I decided to stop by the new store of Ganahl Lumber which i must admit is very impressive. The store is a brand new store that replaced the long time location next door which over the years had been home to many lumber yards before Ganahl such as Barr Lumber, Louisiana Pacific and Ward Harrington.

The former store was functional but it had flaws such as incoming delivery trucks would block the exit of customers cars and trucks. The former building was demolished and is now a fancy Fletcher Jones Audi dealership. The new location has improved the customer experience in the yard with a dedicated truck lane so delivery trucks are out the way of customers; Also all the lumber is now covered which means its not exposed to the elements like the former store which makes better looking lumber.

Lumber racks outside but covered to protect them from the elements
Old historic bandsaw which adorns many of the companies locations

When i visited it wasn’t too far from the stores 6 pm close so i didn’t have a huge amount of time to wonder the aisles but what i did see was impressive. The window and door area is huge with numerous door and window displays which makes it a lot easier when you are trying to picture how something will look on your house.

The products in the aisles are definitely more contractor quality goods including a few brands i hadn’t see before. The company is family owned as well as employee owned and,is the oldest lumber as well as hardware store in California having started in 1884.

Location: 1100 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa CA 92626

Hours: Monday To Friday 6 am to 6 pm, Saturdays 7 am to 4 pm, Sundays – Closed

Disclosure: I did work for its predecessor at this location Barr Lumber for ten years and then for Ganahl Lumber at this location for a further seven years in the old building until 2008.

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