Businesses Protesting Stay At Home

Many businesses in Orange County are protesting the Stay At Home order issued by Governor Gavin Newsom by remaining open or in the case of restaurants by allowing indoor dining.

Restaurants in Costa Mesa have joined the protest which is using the hashtag #opensafe. Restaurants in Costa Mesa allowing indoor dining against the Governor’s order include Oak & Coal as well as the Paragon Cafe.

As numbers of cases have spiked recently the Governor’s Stay At Home Order is intended to stop local hospitals and, their intensive care units from being overwhelmed.

Restaurants across Orange County as well as places such as barber shops and, nails salons also have defied the order; This being said most places at the moment have followed the order although for example the Los Angeles Sheriff has said his officers will not enforce the ban as businesses have struggled during the current pandemic.

I can see both sides point of view especially since if you are a business owner and, trying to survive with the shifting rules as well as keeping your staff employed.

The other side is if multiple places ignore the rules and the spread of the virus gets worse causing intensive care units to be overwhelmed. There is no easy answer to what has been a horrible year hopefully things get better in 2021.

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