Editors Notebook

March 10th 2020:

As you may have noticed i have switched the theme for this website the old theme was fast but not the right theme. This is a much better theme but the trade off its going to load a little slower, so i will have to go through and, optimize the site to improve the speed which should get better over time.

January 31st 2020:

In December I decided to write a blog about the city I work in and, have spent a lot of my life in Costa Mesa. The question to myself was what kind of blog did I want to write a straight news blog, political blog, information blog, review blog, local sports blog so many choices.

I decided in the end to make it a local news blog but also with information and reviews as well as the occasional opinion piece. Local news television stations do a good job of covering a region and newspapers yes they still exist, do a good job on a County level but there isn’t much on the city or neighborhood level.

Yes there is Patch in some cities as well as the Next Door app but I decided to create something a little different let’s see where it leads.

Every month since Costa Mesa Insider was created traffic has steadily increased and, I want to thank you as well as welcome you here.