Golf Carts On The Run

One evening recently i was walking by the Costa Mesa Golf Course along Harbor Boulevard like lots of people do. I saw a golf cart on its own which is not unusual by its self golf carts sometimes break down; What was unusual was the cart was parked in front of an exterior gate pointing out.

I didn’t think much of it then walked down the trail by the golf course and, sat down for a break facing the course. Within a few minutes two young people in golf carts stopped a little way in front of me on the inside of the fence and, then moments later a third kid stopped in front of me then speeded off , well as much as you can in a golf cart.

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Five minutes later a golf course employee stopped next to me on a golf cart by the fence and asked if I had seen anyone on golf carts. I told him what I saw and he asked if they were inside or outside the fence line; I explained they were inside the fence line and, he sped off to chase them down.

This might not be a high speed chase in golf carts but visions of Benny Hill chases went through my head with Benny Hill theme music playing.

I don’t think this exactly is the crime of the century and, as they are kids its not exactly Grand Theft Auto if caught they are most likely going to get a slap on the wrist.

I wonder how many of us had done similar things as a kid that would get us a slap on the wrist then but now if we did it as an adult we would go to jail.

Not actual golf carts

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