It’s Easy To Forget About Nature

When you live in the urban sprawl that is Southern California its easy to forget about nature and the animals that share our space. Even in the concrete jungle its possible to see numerous animals such as possums, coyotes and even bobcats although you are not likely to run in to a bobcat at Triangle Square.

I’m sure many of us have gone out in the yard at night and seen the crappy face of a possum sitting there staring back at you. I’m sorry if you are a possum fan but to me they are creepy looking.

If you live anywhere near the Santa Ana River I’m sure you have heard the howls at night of the coyotes coming down the river trail from inland heading in to the neighborhoods looking for food. During the day I have seen two coyotes in Wilson Park and at night recently I saw two by Harbor & Victoria across from Norms as they forage for food.

Not Costa Mesa but a distant relative.

Coyotes generally don’t pose a threat to adults but they are a threat to smaller pets .

The above sign is along the landscaping on Harbor Blvd but there are also such signs in Wilson Park as well. I have never seen a rattle snack in Costa Mesa thankfully but its another reminder that nature is all around us even in the city.

I have seen like many of us numerous lizards as well as a huge raccoon but hopefully snakes is one thing i don’t run in to.

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