Lack Of Public Restrooms

One thing i noticed years ago moving to the United States years ago was the lack of public restrooms. In England and Europe in general every town has public provided restrooms but in the United States you have to depend on the availability of business restrooms.

At night how many of us have snuck in to a Denny’s for example just to use their restroom without making a purchase. In the current pandemic situation most businesses have put up signs that because of the pandemic the restrooms are closed.

Yes there is something to be said for closing restrooms during this time because of public distancing etc but mainly its an excuse just to close the restrooms.

I do have to thank the big companies such as Target, Vons and Home Depot that have left their restrooms open during this time as public restrooms are rare to find at the moment.

Public restrooms might not be the most exciting topic but we all use them at times and there should be government provided ones in each town or a least pay toilet options so there is always a toilet available.

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