LED Signs At Triangle Square Paused

The City of Costa Mesa planning commission chose to push back the decision on LED signage boards at Triangle Square in Costa Mesa until their March 8th meeting.

The owner of Triangle Square wants to add 5,000 square feet of LED signage to the exterior of the struggling shopping center. The owner has said he needs the signage to be able to keep the shopping center open.

Even though the center has a great location between Harbor Blvd, Newport Blvd and 17 th Street it has struggled ever since it opened the design of the center wasn’t great.


Splitting the advertising money with the city is good as well as being able to using the boards for civic items is great as well as helping a struggling center. But does this outweigh visual blight, light pollution to the surround neighbor hood as well as a big issue of distraction to traffic of lights and moving images.

I cannot blame the planning commission for putting off the issue, if the city does approve this as an exception to LED display boards i wonder how many other struggling shopping centers are going to want the same thing.


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