No More Limited Stay At Home Curfew

Along with the announcement from Governor Gavin Newsom that the Regional Stay at Home Order is over also means the Limited Stay At Home Curfew is also over. This order mean’t no non essential activities were suppose to take place between 10 pm and 5 am nightly.

This order mean’t you were suppose to be home and off the street between those hours or in theory you could be cited. It also mean’t businesses also were supposed to be closed during those hours except essential places like gas stations and, convenience stores.

In practice right from the start the Orange County Sheriffs Department said they weren’t going to enforce the curfew the Costa Mesa Police Department said there were going to but from my experience they weren’t.

Maybe some people stayed home during these hours because of the curfew and, it helped a little but its one of those things i guess we will never really know.

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