Northgate Market Costa Mesa

Northgate Market Costa Mesa

It was a shock to many when earlier in the year the Albertsons at Harbor and Wilson closed forcing many to look for new grocery options.

If you had access to a car then you could shop at the sister supermarket to Albertsons the Vons store on Harbor and Adams or other options. If you don’t have access to a car or like me work nearby then the closure is an inconvenience with not being able to grab something for lunch or on my way home.

When Northgate Markets announced that they were going to take over the space they said the new store wouldn’t open until early 2021 which is nearly a year a long time without your neighborhood supermarket.

Northgate has been stocking the store for a while so hopefully the opening isn’t too far off with the opening set for early in the new year.

Update September 4th 2021

It is now Labor Day weekend 2021 and, still no Northgate Market in Costa Mesa i have reached out several times to Northgate Market to see when they plan to open their supermarket at Harbor & Wilson and every time they say they have no announcement to make about the opening. For a while months ago they were advertising for management for the new store but those ads stopped as did the stocking of the store.

Hopefully at some point Northgate Market will announce an opening date as the lost of the Albertsons’s store was a blow to local residents who may not drive or have access to a car. Many people were excited about the prospect of a Northgate Market opening in their neighborhood but are since not quite so happy as it hasn’t happened.


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  1. You are right, it is very in convenient for people that don’t own a car for elderly people who used to go to that store and sad that we are almost in March and we don’t see nothing clear I just can’t wait for Northgate to open I hate not having other option besides VONS (I love that store ) but I will love not to be asking for a ride to go to grocery outlet or vons please Nortgate open your doors

    1. Maria thank you for your comment, i have reached out to Northgate and they have no comment about when the store in Costa Mesa will open, in the last three weeks they were advertising for management for that store on I haven’t seen any listings for non management employees yet but I’m sure they are coming. Either way it seems like we still have a while before they open and, yes its a big inconvenience for elderly people or people without cars.

      1. Thanks for responding my comments I really hoping the open soon every time I need something my only option is the 99 cents store and or el Campeon and also I was checking on their website in regards employment opportunities and there is nothing yet that means like you said maybe we are no seeing their doors open any time soon

        Thank you

  2. heard dfavorable comments about nothgate in other areas, looking forward to the opening here in costa mesa

    1. I have visited Northgate Markets in Anaheim and Santa Ana they cater to their Hispanic customer base which might not be for everyone. They might not be as fancy as big chains such as Albertsons or Vons but their pricing is good as is there selection of fresh vegetables, meats and fish in my experience. I’m not Hispanic or Spanish speaking and staff has al.ways been friendly and, I have never had an issue shopping at a Northgate thank you for your comment.

    1. I have asked Northgate when they are going to open in Costa Mesa and, they said they have no opening date to announce. I will bring you the information once Northgate makes an announcement but at the moment nothing much is going on, thank you for the comment.

  3. We are already almost mid August and nothing, it’s really annoying no having a walking distance market and we the people who don’t drive depending on the 99 cents store it is no fair I really wish the managers or spoke person from Northgate come out and tell all the costa mesa residents if the decide to GO for it or not but when?? 18 months waiting and nothing clear yet

    1. Hi Maria and thank you for your comment; For my day job i work in this parking lot and, not having a supermarket close by is a pain, especially for people without access to cars. Yes the 99 cent store is nice but its not the same as having a full service supermarket in the neighborhood. Months ago this supermarket was hiring for management for the new Costa Mesa store on but that stopped with no further hiring attempted. I have spoken to Northgate media and the comment is they have nothing yet to announce i will keep trying and, yes 18 months is way too long.

  4. I think whats holding up is they cant hire enough staff. Nothgate is a big market they need a lot of staff and regular business dont have enough employees. How is northgate going to find a whole store to staff maybe after the extra unemployment stops then maybe then they will have enough people that apply.

    1. First of all Cindy thank you for your comment, i recently have been coming to the same conclusion i have been checking out the positions available at their current locations and, they have page after page of open positions. If they are struggling to fill the positions in their current locations now might not be the time to open a new store with a huge amount of positions to fill.

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