Orange County Fairgrounds Vaccination Site To Close

Orange County Fairgrounds Vaccination Site To Close

The Orange County Health Care Agency has announced that its huge vaccination site at the Orange County Fairgrounds and Event center in Costa Mesa will close on June 6th. The closing is due to a big drop in demand for vaccinations at all four of the mega vaccination sites which have seen a 75 percent drop in visitors since April.

The other mega vaccine sites closing June 6th are at the Anaheim Convention Center, Soka University and Santa Ana College the Orange County Health Care Agency will then switch to mobile units for neighborhoods or communities.

Super Vaccination Site To Open At Fairgrounds

Super Vaccination Site To Open At Fairgrounds

The Orange County Fairgrounds has had a busy COVID testing site open for a long time now comes good news for Costa Mesa residents a large vaccination site is also going to open this Wednesday. The news comes from former Costa Mesa Mayor and new District Two supervisor Katrina Foley.

The new vaccination center wasn’t really a surprise as i have reported in the past that their was a plan to add one at the fairgrounds and, over the past week or so the tents have been going up. April 1st the vaccines open up for people 50 and, over so the new vaccine location has come at a good time as we try to get this pandemic under control.

Westend Bar Owner Could Face Charges

Westend Bar Owner Could Face Charges

The owner of the Westend Bar could face charges for operating illegally through the governor’s stay at home order.

The owner Roland Michael Barrera was charged a misdemeanor for failing to make customers and guests wear face coverings and, enforce social distancing requirements.

The bar also according to the Orange County District Attorneys Office remained open from 10pm to 5am when the stay at home order was in effect.

Authorities responded several times to reports that the bar remained open.

Will I can understand that business owners want to be open as their livelihood and, that of their employees is threatened the timing doesn’t seem great.

As new cases and hospilizations are surging right now during the pandemic it doesn’t seem the best time to protest. Some restaurants and bars in Costa Mesa have done things such as allowing outdoor dining which is banned but at least most are still requiring social distancing as well as face masks.

Super Vaccination Site To Open At Fairgrounds

Hospitals Hit Zero Capacity

Orange County hospitals have hit zero capacity which means their Intensive Care Units have no room for additional patients as the pandemic situation gets worse.

The hospitals also were ordered not to turn away ambulances as field hospitals are being set up to help cope with the surge in patients. Hospitals are also canceling non emergency surgeries as the numbers of cases and victims surge.

The numbers aren’t expected to drop most likely will increase as people don’t head the warnings and, get together with family members for Christmas.

Super Vaccination Site To Open At Fairgrounds

Rite Aid Adds COVID-19 Testing For Minors In Costa Mesa

Rite Aid has announced that they have expanded COVID-19 testing to minors 13 and older with 102 Rite AIDS in California distributing the kits.

All of the Rite Aid testing sites use a self swab nasal test which is overseen by a Rite Aid pharmacist. The no charge testing is for anyone 13 or older whether they are symptomatic or a symptomatic.

All adult patients need to pre register online at Rite to schedule a time slot for testing and, a government identification is required.


2300 Harbor Blvd Suite G, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Testing Hours:

Monday To Friday 10 am to 8 pm

Saturday To Sunday 10 am to 5 am

Testing resumes again tomorrow after the Thanksgiving holiday.