Parks Of Costa Mesa: Wilson

Parks of Costa Mesa

I decided to walk to Wilson Park the over day as its near my work at Harbor & Wilson. Wilson Park is a small local community park at 3.45 acres and although its not huge it does have a play area, barbecues under a shelter as well as one sand volleyball court.

The park is named after a former Costa Mesa Mayor Robert M Wilson who was also a planning commissioner that helped establish the green belt of parks in Costa Mesa. The park itself was dedicated in 1977 and is a popular walking spot for local residents.

As you cans see from the pictures the park is mostly trees and grass although there is a more open area at the far end near the volleyball court that you play some sports. As you can see from the pictures the park has what looks like river beds although water doesn’t ever run down them but they look cool. Sometimes when it rains a lot the channels do get a little water but in never lasts for long.


360 Wilson St, Costa Mesa CA 92627

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