Triangle Square Signage On Hold Again

Triangle Square Signage On Hold Again

The City of Costa Mesa Planning Commissioners again had hearings on the proposed LED signage at the Triangle Square Shopping Center. The issue has upset many residents of Costa Mesa who have mentioned turning Costa Mesa in to Las Vegas or causing potential safety issues with distracting signs for motorists.

The owner of the center Tyler Mateen as well as many tenants and, employees at the center have said the signage could revitalize the struggling shopping center. The current proposal for signage includes 4,960 square feet of signage on the property more than half of which would be LED type signage.

To sweeten the deal for the city in a bid to get it approved the owner I’d offering 25 percent of the ad revenue from three years after the deal is signed as well as allowing the city to use 10 percent of the ads for public service messages.

City staff recommended continuing the item why they make further revisions to the contract and, yet again the issue was pushed back this time to the April 12th meeting.

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LED Signs At Triangle Square Paused

LED Signs At Triangle Square Paused

The City of Costa Mesa planning commission chose to push back the decision on LED signage boards at Triangle Square in Costa Mesa until their March 8th meeting.

The owner of Triangle Square wants to add 5,000 square feet of LED signage to the exterior of the struggling shopping center. The owner has said he needs the signage to be able to keep the shopping center open.

Even though the center has a great location between Harbor Blvd, Newport Blvd and 17 th Street it has struggled ever since it opened the design of the center wasn’t great.


Splitting the advertising money with the city is good as well as being able to using the boards for civic items is great as well as helping a struggling center. But does this outweigh visual blight, light pollution to the surround neighbor hood as well as a big issue of distraction to traffic of lights and moving images.

I cannot blame the planning commission for putting off the issue, if the city does approve this as an exception to LED display boards i wonder how many other struggling shopping centers are going to want the same thing.

Costa Mesa Planning Commission Tonight Decides On LED Billboards

Costa Mesa Planning Commission Tonight Decides On LED Billboards

The Costa Mesa Planning Commission meets tonight to decide on a request to install 2,600 square feet of LED Billboards at Triangle Square. The plan with the LED Billboards is to attractive ad revenue to help the struggling shopping center.

The shopping center has always had a struggle to get tenants since its opened, the triangle shape as well tough access to its parking haven’t helped the center.

The plan for the LED signs is to have a 1,200 square foot LED screen on the dome as well as two other panels of nearly 1,500 square feet. Revenue of ads on the signs would be split with the city starting in the third year with then 25 percent of gross advertising going to the city each year from then onwards.

The signs would be prohibited from adult content or obscene material and would be used by the city to send out civic information. The nearby neighbors as you might expect are happy about the LED signage.


I think the income the City of Costa Mesa as well as being able to use the LED screens for civic messages is a plus but there is also negatives to the plan. Other than light from the signs maybe leaking in to nearby neighborhoods i think the meaning issue is going to be LED billboards with moving animations distracting people at a busy intersection right near a freeway on and off ramp.

I think this shopping center is an unique place where you could make any exception to the rules but how long before car dealerships and others want the same LED screens on their businesses.

I remain open minded on these LED screens but i would be more supportive if they were just for use of tenants in Triangle Square to advertise their business and, not being sold to the wider world.


Triangle Square is located between 19th Street, Harbor Blvd and Newport Blvd in Costa Mesa.

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