OC Bus Will  Continue To Operate Late Night

OC Bus Will Continue To Operate Late Night

Tonight is the start of the month long limited stay at home order where you are not supposed to be on the streets between 10 pm tonight and 5 am in the morning every night for 30 days.

The order from Governor Gavin Newsome is designed to help with the fight against Corona Virus. If you are out and about late night you will still be able to ride the bus after 10 pm as OC Bus is considered a vital service and, will run normally the same also applies before 5am.

The interesting wrinkle for Costa Mesa residents or visitors is the Costa Mesa Police Department has already said they will enforce the 10 pm curfew. I don’t think the police will be pulling over at bus stops and, questioning people why they are outside after 10 pm but it is possible.

My advice is if you are taking a bus to work or back from work that is a legitimate reason to be waiting for a bus but if it’s something non essential I would do it earlier so you will be home when 10 pm rolls around.

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Costa Mesa Stay At Home Curfew Starts Saturday

Costa Mesa Stay At Home Curfew Starts Saturday

Governor Gavin Newson has issued a limited stay at home order starting Saturday night. The new order because of the pandemic is for all Purple Tier counties which now includes Orange County.

What Stay At Home Curfew Means?

The order means that starting at 10pm Saturday night to 5am and then every night means all non essential work, movement and, gatherings have to stop. The order did stop short of a full lockdown.

Are The Costa Mesa Police Enforcing The Curfew?

The Costa Mesa Police Department Tweeted that the will be enforcing the curfew in the city to protect the health and safety of its residents and visitors.

If you plan to being out and about late on Saturday and plan on visiting a store or restaurant I would check with them because ones that usually are open to 10pm or later most likely will opt to close at 9pm.