Triangle Square Signage On Hold Again

Triangle Square Signage On Hold Again

The City of Costa Mesa Planning Commissioners again had hearings on the proposed LED signage at the Triangle Square Shopping Center. The issue has upset many residents of Costa Mesa who have mentioned turning Costa Mesa in to Las Vegas or causing potential safety issues with distracting signs for motorists.

The owner of the center Tyler Mateen as well as many tenants and, employees at the center have said the signage could revitalize the struggling shopping center. The current proposal for signage includes 4,960 square feet of signage on the property more than half of which would be LED type signage.

To sweeten the deal for the city in a bid to get it approved the owner I’d offering 25 percent of the ad revenue from three years after the deal is signed as well as allowing the city to use 10 percent of the ads for public service messages.

City staff recommended continuing the item why they make further revisions to the contract and, yet again the issue was pushed back this time to the April 12th meeting.

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City Moves Forward On Hazard Pay Ordinance

City Moves Forward On Hazard Pay Ordinance

The City of Costa Mesa has moved forward on its plan for a ordinance requiring hazard pay for grocery workers. The city council voted 6-1 in favor of staff coming back with an emergency ordinance that would require grocery stores to provide hazard pay.

No amount per hour was decided on but it most likely would be in line with the $4 an hour other cities have passed like Long Beach and, more recently Santa Ana.

The Santa Ana law also includes pharmacy workers we will have to wait and, see what version is passed in Costa Mesa.


I work for a company that is a retail store but not a grocery store and we are faced with the same hazards and, issues every day including people refusing to wear masks but the law if it follows over cities wouldn’t include me.

You can argue one way or another of the merits of a law requiring hazard pay for retail workers but picking out only grocery or pharmacy workers is a little strange to me.

Grocery stores also have really low margins so if this is past we could see price increases to cover it, less hours for employees or even worse case like happened in Long Beach grocery stores closing.

City Moves Forward On Hazard Pay Ordinance

Costa Mesa Puts Off Hazard Pay Decision

The City of Costa Mesa has put off a decision about possible hazard pay for grocery and, pharmacy workers so its staff can do more research on the issue.

The proposed ordinance would give grocery and pharmacy workers an extra $4 per hour in hazard pay and, would last for 120 days. Santa Ana is also considering doing something similar but they also put off the decision for the moment.

A similar Hero’s Pay ordinance when in to effect in Long Beach but the next day the huge supermarket group Kroger announced that it was closing a Ralphs and, a Food 4 Less location in Long Beach because of the ordinance.