Where Can I Find Free Sand Bags In Costa Mesa?

splash of water
Photo by Noelle Otto on <a href="https://www.pexels.com/photo/splash-of-water-906023/" rel="nofollow">Pexels.com</a>

January 2nd 2023: The Winter storm season is well under way and with it is the risk of flooding. The City Of Costa Mesa is providing free sand bags for residents of Costa Mesa. The sand bags are available at the southeast corner of the City Hall parking lot at 77 Fair Drive and, also at Fire Station 4 at 2300 Placentia Avenue.

If you need sand bags the location is self service so you will need to fill your one sand bags. There is a limit of 15 bags per household. It is suggested that you bring your own shovel as supplies could be limited.

splash of water
Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

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