New Senior Housing Could Be Coming To Costa Mesa

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February 27th 2024: The housing crisis in Costa Mesa as well as the rest of Orange County is a major problem that our leaders need to deal with. The City Of Costa Mesa seniors at least could soon have more access to affordable housing with the Cities plan to build some next to the current Senior Center.

The plan is to add up to 60 affordable housing apartments for the cities seniors who most are on a fixed income. In last weeks city council meeting which went past midnight the city council members voted unanimously to begin work on the project and send a proposal to the cities planning commission.

Cities across Orange County are struggling to build more affordable housing under state mandates requiring them build more affordable housing. Huntington Beach’s Republican majority have been actively fighting the state over the number of new units required.

It seems the city council are motivated to get this done as soon as possible which is good and 60 apartments is a good start but not close to solving the overall housing crisis for people of all ages.

The tough truth is lower use industrial areas are going have to be rezoned for residential; Also single family home owners are going to be upset when high density multi floor apartment units are built near them.

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