What is The Best Vegan Restaurant In Costa Mesa?

scrabble tiles in blue ceramic plate
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Jan 25th 2022: Costa Mesa is known for its amazing restaurants and if you are a Vegan you have many options to choose from. To figure out the best was tough because I’m not a Vegan myself but after much research by talking to many people as well as researching Yelp, Trip Advisor the clear choice is Seabirds Kitchen at the Lab.

There are many people that are not Vegans but might want to cut down on eating as much meat so having a good Vegan restaurant is a nice option. Seabirds Kitchen is known for unique flavor combinations in creative techniques and, serves purely organic, plant based food sourced locally from farms and producers.

The restaurant serves small plates similar to tapis style with things such as butternut enchiladas, artichoke drumsticks, warm kale salad and the signature brown rice with black beans as well as ancho salsa. On the weekends the restaurant has a unique brunch menu. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, Monday through Sunday.


2930 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa CA 92626 (714) 549-2584 in the Lab outdoor shopping mall

scrabble tiles in blue ceramic plate
Photo by Vegan Liftz on Pexels.com

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