TK Burger Outside, Costa Mesa

TK Burger is a small local chain of burger restaurants they are known for inexpensive good value food with friendly service. I tried out their Big Bargain Special which consists of a cheeseburger and, fries for $7.79. The special didn’t include a soft drink but is a good deal still.

Cheeseburger and fries for $7.79

The burger itself was good and came with cheese, tomato, lettuce and slithers of red onion, the burger itself was cooked good. The other items on the burger such as the big slice of red tomato as well as the lettuce were all fresh and good.

The bun was okay but a little unusual as it was very white and a little doughy it kind of was like a bun that you might use from a supermarket at home not usually what you would expect in a restaurant.

The fries were hard on the outside and soft in the middle which is always good, the ones i had were fine but maybe the oil wasn’t the freshest. I will give them a pass on the oil because the place was very busy.

Inside of TK Burger with its funky interior

The food is good but maybe not a place you would drive out of your way for but the food is a good value and worth checking out for a quick inexpensive bite if you are in the area. TK Burger is not far from the Lab and Camp outdoor malls at Bristol and Baker.

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