Thursday Food Review: Frank’s Philadelphia

Franks Philadelphia Sandwiches

June 23rd 2022:I was heading over to the US Post Office at Fairview & Wilson and hungry so i consider my options, the nearest option was Frank’s Philadelphia Sandwiches which is right next door so i decided to visit it. Franks is known for its great namesake Philadelphia cheese stakes but this visit i was looking for something a little different.

Even though Franks has really good cheese stakes and hoagies i was in the mood for a really good meatball sandwich. Even though a meatball sandwich isn’t the most healthy item sometimes it just feels so good.

Even with peoples more healthier lifestyles finding a meatball sub isn’t hard with most Italian restaurants as well as the sandwich chains serving one. The problem with lots of these sandwiches is even the ones lots of sauce on them is they are often dry as well as sometimes bland.

The inside of Frank’s Philadelphia isn’t huge but they do manage to get a lot of seats inside the space. You order your sandwich at the counter and can grab a drink from a glass case or soda stream, after you pay you take a seat until your order is called.

Once the meatball sandwich arrived the bread is perfect and is topped with moist flavorful meatballs and i opted for the provolone cheese as well as the sauce topped with sweet pickles and onions. The sweet pickles and onions are soft as well as sweet as opposed to the often hard pickles or onions you usually get. No its not good to eat meatball sandwiches often but this one at Franks Philadelphia is a occasional guilty pleasure of mine and worth checking out.


2244 Fairview Road #B, Costa Mesa CA 92627


Daily 8 am to 8 pm

Phone Number:

(949) 722-8725

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