Cannabis Dispensaries Finally Opening In Costa Mesa

June 24th 2022: The Costa Mesa Planning Commission recently approved the first two cannabis dispensaries opening in Costa Mesa. The path for allowing cannabis dispensaries in Costa Mesa has been long, the only other city in Orange County to allow them is Santa Ana which has about 27 dispensaries.

The first location is at 2302 Newport Boulevard by Tustin based Culture Cannabis ClubOpens in a new tab. with another location bering the Vertical Four Shop at 1990 Harbor Boulevard. In Santa Ana the city has received about $30 million in tax since it approved the opening of cannabis shops opening in 2017.


I myself have never tried cannabis and, have no real interest in purchasing but i’m not opposed to the shops opening as long as they operate correctly. The only thing i will say is the projected tax revenue is always inflated yes they will bring in tax revenue but will how much of that will be people switching from spending on other vices.

As other cities start to allow cannabis dispensaries the tax income for Santa Ana for example is likely to go down because if you have dispensaries closer to your home why drive to Santa Ana.

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