Northgate Market Costa Mesa Unwalled

March 19th 2023: Construction is well under way at the new Northgate Market location in Costa Mesa at Harbor and Wilson. The inside of the store has been gutted with work being done on the ceiling as the company prepares the former Albertsons store to be a future Northgate Market.

The company has sent out flyers around the store announcing a fall opening for the store as well as having a couple of meet the community events before hand. During these events the Northgate management will answer questions and explain what to expect at the new store.

Northgate Market Costa Mesa Wall
Former walled up Albertsons entrance

Even though the announcement of the planned opening of the Northgate Market is so far off the residents around the store will be happy to know that eventually they will have a local supermarket again albeit a ways off.

Northgate Market Costa Mesa Unwalled
Same area after walled up Albertsons entrance removed

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5 thoughts on “Northgate Costa Mesa Coming Fall 2023”
  1. I can not wait for Northgate to open right down the street from me. I used to have to go to Santa Ana to get my favorite meats. Adabado & Pastor… and the Tamales are the best!!! My neighbors said there was some kind of a “fiesta” in the parking lot today but I never saw it advertised or got a flyer as did several people did further away. Can you please include me in your mailing list? Thank you, close neighbor.

  2. I Really like these Northgate grocery stores i would love to work here i live right around the corner So it would be really convenient how do I apply ???

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