Neat Coffee: A Friendly Spot

Neat Coffee, Costa Mesa

As I was in the area I decided to check out Neat CoffeeOpens in a new tab., this is a coffee shop i had wanted to check out for a while but i was either too busy when in the area or it was after its 4 pm close.

From the outside the building doesn’t look like a coffee shop in fact other than the Neat sign and people sitting in the window it would be tough to know you were at the coffee shop.

The coffee menu isn’t huge but has all the basics covered, they also had a small selection of donuts and pastries. Neat Coffee Opens in a new tab.also have a selection of other foods as the lady next to me was eating an avocado on toast which looked really good. I had just eaten at nearby Taco Mesa so i wasn’t hungry at all but I will try the food out on my next visit.

One thing Neat Coffee is known for is they make their own seasonally inspired syrups instead of using store bought ones which can overpower the drinks.

Pumpkin latte from Neat Coffee, Costa Mesa

Service was friendly and quick with the barista asking what I had planned for today. Growing up in England I’m always tempted to make a cheeky comment drugs, women and, fast cars; I decided not to do that also a bloggers life isn’t that exciting.

I decided to opt for a pumpkin latte for $5 which was very good although not the burning hot you might expect from that green and white coffee chain.

The crowd was on the younger side but even though I’m older I didn’t feel unwelcome. Most people were typing away at there laptops anyways.

On a rainy week day the place was packed with people using the free wi. The crowd also seemed to have many Orange Coast College students which makes sense as the college is ten minutes away.

The music was relaxing and mellow all in all I would visit Neat coffee again as it seems a good place to relax or get some work done.


1922 Pomona Av, Costa Mesa CA 92627


Hours: Monday To Sunday 7 am to 4 pm


Phone: (949) 873-6328 Instagram:

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