Three Good Coffee Shops In Costa Mesa

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Costa Mesa is a great city for independent coffee shops each with there own look and feel. The coffee is great at all these independent stores and, they all have there own unique offerings as well as different crowds they cater too.

  1. In-sīt Coffee:
  2. Moongoat Coffee Roasters:
  3. The Lost Bean Organic Coffee & Tea:
    • Location: 3335 Susan St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
    • Description: The Lost Bean focuses on organic coffees and teas while maintaining a sustainable model of consumption. Their paper products are made from post-consumer recyclable material, and their “plastic” products are actually corn-based and biodegrade in just 45-60 days. They offset their energy usage with renewable energy credits4.
    • Hours: Open daily from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
    • Website

Feel free to explore these coffee shops and find your favorite cup of joe i will also add in a fourth Costa Mesa coffee shop which we have mentioned before which is Neat Coffee which is very close to the DMV! 

person performing coffee art
Photo by Chevanon Photography on

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