Costa Mesa Signs Up For New Utility Program

The City Of Costa Mesa has signed up for a new program where cities are allowed to leave Southern California Edison and join up with other cities to buy and sell energy.

The idea of the program is for the cities to invest more in renewable energy and slightly lower energy costs. To take part in the program to launch in 2022 all cities have to file a plan with the California Public Utilities Commission by year end.

The City Of Irvine has funded the $2.7 million to get the program going and, will have a bigger say over what happens than the two cities that joined with them the cities of Costa Mesa and Fullerton.

Anyone a little older remembers when California deregulated the energy and the disaster that followed but in this case it’s cities not private speculators like Enron.

Anything that helps renewable energy sources and, saves a little on the cost of energy is a good thing hopefully it works out as expected.

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