Westend Bar Owner Could Face Charges

The owner of the Westend Bar could face charges for operating illegally through the governor’s stay at home order.

The owner Roland Michael Barrera was charged a misdemeanor for failing to make customers and guests wear face coverings and, enforce social distancing requirements.

The bar also according to the Orange County District Attorneys Office remained open from 10pm to 5am when the stay at home order was in effect.

Authorities responded several times to reports that the bar remained open.

Will I can understand that business owners want to be open as their livelihood and, that of their employees is threatened the timing doesn’t seem great.

As new cases and hospitizations are surging right now during the pandemic it doesn’t seem the best time to protest. Some restaurants and bars in Costa Mesa have done things such as allowing outdoor dining which is banned but at least most are still requiring social distancing as well as face masks.

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