K Mart To Become At Home Store

The former K Mart store located at Harbor and Wilson is currently undergoing a remodel to turn the location in to a At Home Opens in a new tab.store. The home furnishings chain is due to open its new Costa Mesa location in October. The location was the site of the last remaining K Mart in Orange County until its closure a few months ago.

The new At HomeOpens in a new tab. store will carry a large selection of decor items to decorate your house with items such as throw pillows, chairs and, picture frames. The planned opening date is October 27th although dates can change as we have seen with the still unopened Northgate Market across the street.

Across the street is a TJ Maxx Home Good’s store which does sell some similar products so it will be interesting to see how they compete being so close to each other. Either way the former K Mart store at this location was in decline for a long time with a limited number of employees so a brand new store hiring more employees is always a plus.

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