TeWinkle Park Lakes To Get Refurbished

September 14th 2022: TeWinkle Park in Costa Mesa is beloved by locals and, a big part of the 50 year old park is the lakes. The lakes with their ducks, geese, swans and other birds are a popular feature for locals, although an issue for a while is the lakes are leaking.

The city plans to put up fences to fix an inoperable pumping system as well as to deal with the leaking issues. The City Of Costa Mesa plans to take public input from the public on plan to refurbish the lakes and streams.

Apart from fixing the pump system the city also plans to redesign the vegetation so birds want to hang out in the center island or offshore area to reduce bird droppings around the lake.

Photo Gallery Of TeWinkle Park

Maintaining the lakes at TeWinkle Park I’m sure isn’t inexpensive and, the proposed changes will most likely cost a couple of million dollars. Local residents love TeWinkle Park and i’m sure most residents are okay with spending the money, but it will be interesting in seeing the feedback. 

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