OC Bus Strike Starts Today All Across The OC

October 17th 2022: For the second time in a year OC Bus riders are looking at the possibility of a strike stopping service and stranding passengers. Unfortunately unlike the bus operators strike which was averted the strike by 150 mechanics and, service workers starts today. 

The strike begins today with all OC Bus services stopped across Orange County after the union broke off all talks and walked away from negotiations. The service disruption means 100,000 transit riders will have to look for alternate means to get around Orange County. This means increased traffic and riders who don’t have another form of transport missing things such as doctors appointments, shopping and in some cases if the strike continues potentially losing jobs under no fault of their own.

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People that ride the bus are generally lower income and, most don’t have other ways to get around. Yes there are taxis, and ride sharing such as Uber and Lyft but many do not have the resources to pay for this to get to work and back in these expensive times. 

OC Bus
OC Bus At Disneyland

OCTA has said they have met with the unions more that 20 times since May to try to avoid a strike but has not been able to come to terms with the union. Yes union employees should have the option to strike but there should be an exception in the case of public transit as so many people who can ill afford it are not stranded.

Hopefully Governor Gavin Newsom steps in so they can have a cooling off period and restore service while both sides negotiate. Maybe its time of get rid of transit agencies like the OCTA and let in some private companies to provide competition to the public bus companies. 

Service Information:

OCTA.netOpens in a new tab. or call (714) 636-7433

OC Bus At Huntington Beach
OC Bus At Huntington Beach Transit Center

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