Northgate Market Costa Mesa Finally Under Construction

Northgate Costa Mesa

February 21st 2023: It seems the long wait for a replacement supermarket for the former AlbertsonsOpens in a new tab. at Harbor & Wilson. After nearly three years it looks like work is underway by Northgate Market’s to finally open the long awaited supermarket.

Last week people in suits were looking around the building, now construction has finally begun on the inside of the building. At this stage it looks like the construction workers are gutting the building in preparation of building the new racking and interiors. As you can see from the sneaky picture i took through the open door from the sidewalk.

Sneaky picture through the door
Former entrance to the Albertson store that had been bricked up
Temporary offices and porta potties in the fenced off parking lot

Since the Albertsons store closed the situation for many has been tough with the lack of a supermarket within walking distance. NorthgateOpens in a new tab. recently remodeled a former Stater Bros at Fairview and Westminster and opened it fairly quickly replacing two smaller locations; Hopefully the switch over to Northgate Opens in a new Costa Mesa will go just as quick and, after seeing the new Santa Ana location I’m looking forward to a Costa Mesa location at Harbor and Wilson.

5 thoughts on “Northgate Market Costa Mesa Finally Under Construction

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  2. I got a flyer yesterday announcing their opening this Fall, no specific dates, but they will be having two events, one in March and one in April, to talk to the public about what to expect.

    1. Thank you for your comment Paul and yes i too wish they would hurry up on opening. I work close by and it would be great to grab stuff on the way home. Recently as they finished installing the new floor they have added many more contractors so hopefully the store opens as soon as a possible.

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