OC Fair Every Day Passport Available In Limited Supply

March 12th 2023: The theme for this years OC FairOpens in a new tab. is “Happy Together” and tickets are now on sale. Also on sale right now in limited supplies is the Every Day Passport which will give you access to 23 days of the fair from July 14th until August 13th.

Before the pandemic the OC Fair offered a Super Pass that mean’t you could just walk up and in every day this Every Day PassOpens in a new tab. is a little different. To use the pass you will need to go online to reserve the dats you want to attend. There will again be a cap of 45,000 people allowed each day which won’t effect the Every Day Pass usersOpens in a new tab.. One note is that only 10,000 Every Day Passes will be sold so they are likely to sell out quickly at $60 each.

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