2nd Harley Night This Saturday At The Speedway

Rotrax Speedway Motorcycle (motorcycle)

June 10th 2024: Speedway continues this Saturday night continues tomorrow night at the Costa Mesa Speedway Opens in a new tab.with 2nd Harley night. Speedway if you are not familiar with it is motorcycles racing on a tight oval dirt track while people on the stadium watch on. The races are fast paced and, because of the tight track crashes as well as spills are not uncommon.

I grew up in England where speedway is more common, but for an amazing 54 years the races in Costa Mesa have drawn speedway fans to the OC Fair & Event Center.Opens in a new tab. 

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Saturday June 15th: Gates open at 6:00 pm with the first race at 7:30 pm


OC Fair and Event CenterOpens in a new tab. in the Action Sports Arena


$30 for general admission or $20 for Juniors aged 13-17 or Seniors 65 or older, Active military and fire. Kids 3 to $12 are $10 and, 2 and younger are free.

Parking is the usual $12 for most events at the fairgrounds for cars as well as motorcycles.

More Information:

Visit the Costa Mesa Speedway websiteOpens in a new tab.

88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92626


Phone: (714) 708-1500 Email: ocfinfo@ocfair.com

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Action Sports Arena< OC Fair & Event Center

History Of Costa Mesa Speedway:

The Costa Mesa Speedway is a renowned motorcycle speedway located in Costa Mesa, California. It is known for its exciting dirt track racing events, particularly featuring speedway motorcycles. Here’s a brief history of the Costa Mesa Speedway:

Origins and Establishment

Founding: The Costa Mesa Speedway was established in 1969 by Harry Oxley and Jack Milne. Jack Milne was a former speedway world champion, winning the title in 1937, and was a significant figure in promoting speedway racing in the United States.

Location: The speedway is located at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California. The venue was chosen for its accessibility and ability to attract large crowds from the surrounding areas.

Early Years and Growth

Inaugural Event: The first race at Costa Mesa Speedway took place on May 16, 1969. The event was a huge success, drawing a large crowd and setting the stage for the venue to become a central hub for speedway racing in the U.S.

Popularity: Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Costa Mesa Speedway grew in popularity, becoming one of the premier locations for speedway motorcycle racing in North America. It attracted top riders from around the world and helped to popularize the sport in the United States.

Key Features and Events

Track: The track at Costa Mesa Speedway is a small, tight dirt oval, approximately 185 yards in length. This compact size contributes to the high-speed, close-quarter racing that makes the events so thrilling.

Regular Races: The speedway hosts regular racing events from April to October, featuring both professional and amateur riders. Events include individual races, team races, and special format races.

Special Events: Over the years, Costa Mesa Speedway has hosted numerous special events, including the annual “Fair Derby” during the Orange County Fair, the “U.S. National Speedway Championship,” and various international competitions.

Community and Legacy

Local Impact: The speedway has become an integral part of the Costa Mesa community, attracting fans from all over Southern California. It has provided entertainment and excitement for generations of speedway fans and continues to be a family-friendly venue.

Contributions to the Sport: Costa Mesa Speedway has been instrumental in nurturing talent in the sport of speedway racing. Many American speedway riders who have gone on to compete internationally started their careers at Costa Mesa.

Enduring Popularity: Despite changes in the popularity of various motorsports over the decades, Costa Mesa Speedway has maintained a loyal following. The track’s unique atmosphere, exciting races, and community events keep fans coming back year after year.

Present Day

Continued Success: Today, Costa Mesa Speedway continues to be a leading venue for speedway racing in the United States. It remains under the management of the Oxley family, who have upheld the traditions and standards set by the founders.

Events and Activities: The speedway offers a full calendar of events each season, providing opportunities for fans to experience the thrill of speedway racing. In addition to regular races, the venue also hosts special events, including vintage motorcycle races and other motorsport-related activities.

The Costa Mesa Speedway stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of speedway racing, celebrating over 50 years of high-speed thrills and community engagement.

(History Of The Costa Mesa Speedway AI Written)

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