Cheap Eats: $5.99 Chicken Quesadilla

Cheap Eats: $5.99 Chicken Quesadilla

Being a poor blogger I’m always on the look out for good food deals that’s why i often visit Cancun Juice in Costa Mesa. If you are not familiar with Cancun Juice they are a chain of restaurants known for their extensive Mexican food as well as freshly made fruit juices.

The food is all cooked to order which means it takes a little longer than your reheated general fast food but it tastes so much better. The juices are a little pricier but they are amazing with fresh fruits.

There are a lot of inexpensive food options on the menu but my go to is the Chicken Quesadilla. The tortillas are cooked on the grill and, you get ample chicken with cheese in each bite. The portion for $5.99 as you can see above is generous and, includes white and green dipping sauces as well as the shredded lettuce which to me is more of a garnish than a salad.

The staff are friendly they also offer you extra red or green sauce containers when you pick up the food. The place can get busy at times but if you haven’t checked it out its well worth it.


2200 Harbor Blvd suite E-150, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 (949) 873-5412

Costa Mesa Restaurants Can Reopen Outside Dining

Costa Mesa Restaurants Can Reopen Outside Dining

In somewhat of a surprise move Governor Gavin Newsom lifted the Stay At Home Order in several areas including Orange County. The change means lots of different things but one change is restaurants are now allowed to reopen their outside dining areas again.

Since December 6th all outside dining has been disallowed but with the change restaurants can now get their heaters, tents, chairs and tables back out to offer outside dining again. Restaurants are struggling under COVID and, a lot have already closed permanently this won’t help them all survive but it should be a boost for many restaurants.

Hopefully things slowly improve and we don’t have to visit closing down outdoor dining again which i think was a mistake in the first place by the Governor.

Inside dining hasn’t been allowed in Orange County since June of last year and, i cannot see that being allowed anytime soon.

Westend Bar Owner Could Face Charges

Westend Bar Owner Could Face Charges

The owner of the Westend Bar could face charges for operating illegally through the governor’s stay at home order.

The owner Roland Michael Barrera was charged a misdemeanor for failing to make customers and guests wear face coverings and, enforce social distancing requirements.

The bar also according to the Orange County District Attorneys Office remained open from 10pm to 5am when the stay at home order was in effect.

Authorities responded several times to reports that the bar remained open.

Will I can understand that business owners want to be open as their livelihood and, that of their employees is threatened the timing doesn’t seem great.

As new cases and hospilizations are surging right now during the pandemic it doesn’t seem the best time to protest. Some restaurants and bars in Costa Mesa have done things such as allowing outdoor dining which is banned but at least most are still requiring social distancing as well as face masks.

Businesses Protesting Stay At Home

Businesses Protesting Stay At Home

Many businesses in Orange County are protesting the Stay At Home order issued by Governor Gavin Newsom by remaining open or in the case of restaurants by allowing indoor dining.

Restaurants in Costa Mesa have joined the protest which is using the hashtag #opensafe. Restaurants in Costa Mesa allowing indoor dining against the Governor’s order include Oak & Coal as well as the Paragon Cafe.

As numbers of cases have spiked recently the Governor’s Stay At Home Order is intended to stop local hospitals and, their intensive care units from being overwhelmed.

Restaurants across Orange County as well as places such as barber shops and, nails salons also have defied the order; This being said most places at the moment have followed the order although for example the Los Angeles Sheriff has said his officers will not enforce the ban as businesses have struggled during the current pandemic.

I can see both sides point of view especially since if you are a business owner and, trying to survive with the shifting rules as well as keeping your staff employed.

The other side is if multiple places ignore the rules and the spread of the virus gets worse causing intensive care units to be overwhelmed. There is no easy answer to what has been a horrible year hopefully things get better in 2021.