Is The Costa Mesa DMV Open?

I often get asked by people if the Costa Mesa Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is open? The reason why they ask is for a long time during the pandemic the Costa Mesa DMV was closed and even fenced off. But yes the Costa Mesa DMV is open Monday through Friday 7 am to 5 pm except on Wednesday when they don’t open to 9 am but still close at 5 pm.

The lines can be long at times so i would recommend making an appointment online if you can, also they have added self service kiosks inside where you can do many things without waiting for a person at the counter. You can also do many services online at their website.

None of us like visiting the DMV but if you are maybe you can do something else while in the area the very good Taco Mesa restaurant is across the street or Smart & Final is close by if you want to make a grocery run before or after your DMV visit.

Location: 650 West 19th Street, Costa Mesa CA 92627

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