When Is The Northgate Costa Mesa Opening?

When the Albertsons grocery store at the corner of Harbor & Wilson closed many long time fans were not happy to lose their local grocery store. Yes there is a Vons at Harbor & Adams but not everyone has cars or easy access to transportation.

The closure of Albertsons location was somewhat offset by the announcement that Northgate Markets would open a new grocery concept in the same location but it would be about a year before the store would open. People weren’t happy about the delay but the concept sounded interesting with many stalls inside the store cooking up fresh food.

Now two years after the Albertson store closed we still have a shuttered store with plywood on the windows and doors without a local grocery store in the Harbor & Wilson area. At one point Northgate Markets were working on the store and hiring management for the store on Glassdoor.comOpens in a new tab. but since then there has been little activity at the location.

I have contacted NorthgateOpens in a new tab. several times and they have have said they have no announcement about the store and didn’t want to comment further. There has been much speculation about the store and why it hasn’t opened but i think the most likely reason is lack of staff. There are many job openings at its existing stores that haven’t been filled and in the current climate filling all the positions in a brand new store might be a challenge.

Hopefully as we enter 2022 things change and the store is able to open although as the current pandemic situation looks like it could be getting a little worse which would delay a opening. There is a good chance that the locals in this part of Costa Mesa will be without a local grocery store for quite a while.

17 thoughts on “When Is The Northgate Costa Mesa Opening?

    1. Thanks Teresa for your comment, the articles before were dated but after an update that changed even though it should be dating each one. I am now putting a date on each one, thank you for your feedback.

    1. Isabel thank you for your comment, yes i agree Northgate needs to provide a date but at this time they are not planning to open it anytime soon. I will keep asking them and, hopefully at some point they will decide to open the store.

  1. I heard a rumor that the neighbors complained about the opening of a Northgate market in their neighborhood and signed petitions to move to another location. Is this true?

    1. I hadn’t heard about a petition to have the market moved to a different location. When Albertsons announced the closure and that it would be replaced by Northgate there were lots of comments. People were upset that Albertsons closed and yes there were comments and discussion because some people were upset that Northgate is a Hispanic market. Some would prefer a non Hispanic market some emails and, comments i received were anti Hispanic. Over time i think for the most part opinions have changed and, most residents just want the grocery store opened and, it doesn’t matter that its Northgate. Others are looking forward to Northgate opening and, most are just frustrated it hasn’t opened. Thank you Jaime for your comment.

  2. That area of Costa Mesa is heavily Hispanic, so Northgate makes sense. El Metate is great, but small. From a customer standpoint, Northgate Markets seem very well managed and I’m sure that this location would stock more Anglo items than Santa Ana for instance. They are going to stock what sells after all.

    1. I agree the area is heavily Hispanic so Northgate would do well and, as a family owned business Northgate has done well competing with much bigger companies so they know what they are doing. I’m not Hispanic but i still need the basics like bread, eggs, milk etc which they will carry so it doesn’t really matter to me that the supermarket is Hispanic.

      Your point that Northgate would adjust the products they sell to local needs as needed. At a typical Northgate all the big name Anglo brands can be found at a Northgate, because of the addition of Hispanic brands maybe there is only 20 options of ketchup for example instead of 50 in an Albertsons or Vons but how much ketchup options do you really need. I have shopped Northgate in Santa Ana and you can find generally what you need and the prices are competitive. Thank you Drew for your comment hopefully Northgate in Costa Mesa opens so we can all check out the selection.

  3. I and my neighbors have soooo been looking forward to this Northgate opening-there is not a decent grocery store in this area. Do hope things progress in a quick smooth matter!!

    1. It will be super nice to be able to walk to the store again. I don’t mind Von’s, but it’s quite a hike. I did a lot of shopping for work at the Harbor and 1st Northgate and it’s a nice market. Weekends are a little crazy though.

    1. Thanks for the comment JPS, we all hope the same its so inconvenient for many people not having a neighborhood supermarket.

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