Gas Prices Rise Across Orange County

Feb 5th 2022: The average price of gasoline is on the rise again in Orange County with the annual switch to the Summer blend of fuel. The switch has increased prices from what was already high prices to new record prices per gallon across Orange County as well as the rest of Southern California.

Local refineries have been shipping out the more expensive Summer blend of fuel which also was at the same time as the price per barrel of oil has increased $10 in the past month. The increase in oil prices stems from the Ukraine situation as well as other OPEC concerns. 

The price of oil is likely not going to go down anytime soon which means gasoline prices in Orange County are not likely to drop and most likely will increase more to new record prices in the near term. The increased cost of gas is at a bad time for Orange County residents as inflation is increasing the cost of everything else.

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