Today Is Leap Day What Is That?

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Leap Day, also known as February 29, occurs only once every four years. It’s that extra day we add to the calendar to keep it in sync with the Earth’s movement around the sun. Here are some interesting facts about Leap Day:

  1. Why Do We Have Leap Day?
  2. Ancient Leap Calendars:
    • Many ancient calendars, including the Hebrew, Chinese, and Buddhist calendars, are lunisolar. They track both lunar cycles and Earth’s position relative to the sun.
    • These calendars periodically require the addition of extra months (intercalary or interstitial months) to stay on track.
    • The early Roman calendar faced similar challenges, and they used a 23-day intercalary month called Mercedonius to account for the difference between their year and the solar year.
    • By the time of Julius Caesar, the Roman year and the solar year were thoroughly out of sync1.
  3. Julius Caesar’s Reforms:

So, on this special day, let’s celebrate the leaplings—those born on February 29!

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