Pulled Pork Sandwich & Fries,Baja Bar & Grill

July 26th 2023: After walking around this years OC Fair I was getting hungry. One thing the fair is not short of is food options with endless food stalls with all types of food as well as drinks.

Some of the options as you might expect at a fair are on the little exotic side; Such as frogs legs, deep fried Oreos in fact anything that can be deep fried even if it probably shouldn’t be.

Baja Bar & Grill

I decided to skip the more unusual fare including a turkey leg as big as my head to go to Baja Bar & Grill instead. This is a restaurant that is in the fairgrounds year round for all the events and, i had been there before many years ago when it had a different name. I must admit the mainly picked the place for two reasons the food seemed a little cheaper than the stalls but the main reason was somewhere to sit down away from the sun.

The restaurant has a full bar and, you order the food at the bar where they give you a pager to take to your table to await for the food. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich with fries with a Starry which is a clear soda kind of like 7 UP. After the pager went off and, picked up my food from the bar which i took to the table.

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Pulled Pork Sandwich & Fries,Baja Bar & Grill

Looking at pulled pork sandwich it had a fair amount of meat with coleslaw but actually as i prefer not an overwhelming amount of coleslaw. Sometimes places bury the meat with a huge portion of coleslaw on top which is fine but when you the sandwich all you taste is the coleslaw. The fries were a good sized portion and, were the larger fires which i prefer.

The bun was soft and nice and, the pulled pork was flavorful although tasted a little vinegary but still good. The coleslaw didn’t have that strong of a taste which i was fine with as sometimes either hard coleslaw or too much of it can overpower a sandwich.

The french fries looked good and looked like they were seasoned but actually were a bit bland. There were fine and, you did get a lot of them but not the most amazing fries. All in all the food was less expensive than the stalls around the fair and you definitely got your moneys worth. Its not food you wood go out of your way for but if i was at the OC Fair or other event at the fairgrounds i would go there again.

88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92626


Phone: (714) 708-1500 Email: ocfinfo@ocfair.com

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