Recent Ban Will Hurt OC Fair & Event Center

The recent ban for gun shows on state owned property just signed in to law by Governor Gavin Newsom means a loss of revenue for the OC Fair & Event Center. Over the last 25 years the gun shows which occur several times each year have brought in over $7 million for the fairgrounds.

Whatever you opinion is on gun sales the loss of jobs for the employees that work the gun shows is not good; Hopefully these employees will be able to make up for the lost income of the gun shows at the fairgrounds with other events hopefully happening in place of the gun shows.

The OC Fair & Event Centers board will have to figure out ways to make up for that income loss. One way would to attract new events but a better way in the long term might be for the fairgrounds themselves to create more of its own events. When the fairground is rented out it gets paid fees but when the fair itself puts on an event it gets to keep the profit.

Yes there is more risk for the fairgrounds staging their own events but the upside is much greater and they have an event that can be repeated every few months or at least yearly. Will have to see how the fairgrounds board responds to the change next year.

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