Northgate Market Costa Mesa Now Hiring

August 11th 2023: Something that has been asked a lot is when is Northgate hiring for the new supermarket at Harbor & Wilson. Well if you were one of the people asking i have good news for you, now can apply through their website through the career sectionOpens in a new tab..

The websiteOpens in a new tab. will give you the video below plus information on the benefits they offer as well as give you a link to search the available jobs which with the opening of a new store is pretty extensive. Today it looks like they were setting up in the former Nick’s Cafe at the shopping center to use to contact interviews but you have to apply online first.

Some history about Northgate Gonzalez Market (Courtesy of Northgate Gonzalez Market)

Since the Albertsons store closed Opens in a new tab.all those years ago its been tough for local residents without a close by supermarket but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It seems also that Northgate plans to make this a special store with food stations and an outside seating area to eat that will be welcoming to all members of the the community.

Some comments early on were about a Hispanic only supermarket i don’t think this is the case; Yes there be Hispanic products but Northgate is known for example for its expansive produce section but it will also be a place to pick up things like bread, milk, cheese like you would at any other supermarket.

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