Pop Mart Opens Its First US Store At South Coast Plaza

Pop MartOpens in a new tab. a company known for its art toys and collectibles has opened its first United States store at South Coast PlazaOpens in a new tab.. The new 2,148 square foot store is filled with art toys inspired by pop culture by top designers such as Skullpanda, Ayan, and Pucky.

The Beijing, China based company is also known for its blind boxes which when you purchase you don’t know whats inside until you buy and open. The blind boxes feature a mix of random novelty items, it reminds me of vending machines in Japan where you can do something similar.

Pop Mart was founded in 2010 and has 350 stores with operations in 23 countries. The company also operates over 1,800 Robo Shop vending machines across the world. I would think a store like this in Orange County would do very well although i wonder how it will do in the current climate with rising inflation and possible downturn.

South Coast Plaza 2

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