Northgate Costa Mesa Opening In 2023?

August 22nd 2022: Most of 2022 has gone by with no Northgate Costa Mesa opening and it looks like it will be 2023 at the earliest before we see the new supermarket. Originally the reason for the delay often stated was the issue with getting enough employees to run a new store. Yes there is still a lot of job openings in the local Northgate stores but i think many factors combined in to why the store was delayed.

Outfitting and filling a store with merchandise as well as hiring employees at a time of great uncertainty for all retail is tough. Just dealing with the original stores, with customers, employees, masks, sanitizer, social distancing etc during the pandemic became a huge part of doing business. 

The planed format for the new Northgate Costa Mesa with a more open store format like a real market with open spaces instead of aisles also is challenge especially during the time when social distancing was required. Hopefully Northgate Costa Mesa will open some time next year as the residents in this part of Costa Mesa need a nearby local supermarket.

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